Bao Viet Insurance covers treatment cost for infection coronavirus of customers abroad

Date: 08/02/2020

Bao Viet Insurance with Coronavirus payment information for customers abroad

Bao Viet Insurance has just issued a statement announcing the benefit payment for customers participating in overseas insurance packages if they are positive for the n-CoV pandemic caused by corona virus. Let’s explore this commendable right to make sure to take advantage of our customers’ best interests when the pandemic is getting closer and closer to Vietnamese. 

The state has provided free treatment for Coronavirus. Why does Bao Viet still need to issue a document to compensate for n-CoV infected customers?

According to the latest information, the state provides free treatment for all patients infected with coronary disease. But this decision is only valid for people in Vietnam. What if overseas Vietnamese are studying or working abroad or participating in overseas tourism activities? This is completely impossible.


With the disease situation spreading and control is difficult . As well as giving specific estimates of the current number of cases, make sure that there is a unit that sponsors hospital fees even if you being somewhere outside of Vietnam is very welcome.

That’s why Bao Viet has issued a document announcing compensation when customers are infected with n-CoV for some types of foreign-owned insurance coverage provided by the company.

Types of insurance that are compensated, weighed and not compensated when Bao Viet n-CoV is detected according to the latest dispatch

Insurance is reimbursed upon detection of coronavirus (n-CoV)

Bao Viet An Gia Insurance
Bao Viet An Tam Insurance
Intercare Insurance
Aon Premier Care
International travel insurance
Flexi Insurance
Travel healthcare insurance for foreigners entering Vietnam
Group travel insurance
Travel insurance cardholders
Comprehensive student insurance
Bao Gia Family Insurance Viet
Combined human insurance

No insurance is available for detection of coronavirus (n-CoV)

Bao Viet Healthcare Insurance
Medical Care healthcare insurance

Coverage assumes compensation for detection of coronavirus (n-CoV)

VietNam Care
Aon Care
Mask Golden Care

Why should we buy insurance ?

In extremely sensitive times like this, owning an insurance package that can shoulder the cost of insurance is essential and reassuring.
Bao Viet An Gia and Bao Viet Intercare discount 20% of insurance premium for customers who register the insurance package until February 10, 2020 when enter the OFF20 code at the link: click here
In the event of constant environmental fluctuations and strange diseases, there is no reason why new diseases will not arise or increase the likelihood of existing diseases affecting our health.

Who should buy healthcare insurance ?

Those who are intending to stay abroad for a while are coming, especially to cities or countries in mind like China.

The expatriates are living, studying and working. Especially working in crowded environments such as doctors, inspectors, working in large construction sites, ..

Those who travel abroad in the near future have cherished for a long time and don’t want to delay.

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