Liberty HealthCare Premium Health Insurance

Gives you complete peace of mind with many unique features and optional benefits.

Subjects covered by Liberty HealthCare Premium Health insurance

Company or Family employees.

In which 

Package M1, M2: Company employees at least 20 people

M3 and M4 packages: Company employees must be at least 20 people; Family at least 2 people.

Preferential policies for the Company and the family and optional insurance benefits to ensure that you meet your needs.
Insurance for both illness and accident
Medical examination and treatment in Vietnam or abroad
Get global emergency medical assistance by International SOS
Free periodic health check and vaccination
There is no limit to the cost of treatment or the number of days in hospital
Full payment of surgery, cancer treatment, emergency vehicle service, organ transplantation and home care nurse service
Emergency and repatriation medical transport in Vietnam or abroad
There is no time limit for waiting for special diseases
There is no limit to the number of visits and costs for each visit
Flexible option with hospital, outpatient, maternity and dental coverage
Compensation procedures are transparent, fast and fair

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