Should I buy car insurance?

Date: 16/10/2019

Car insurance

Buying car insurance is no longer strange to those who own a car. But there are many people wondering whether or not to spend a few million to protect a few billion box driver? Along the article below explore, that should not spend some money to protect the car does not know if it will be damaged tomorrow.

What’s car insurance?

Car insurance is part of the cost of making sure your car is protected against unexpected life events affecting your vehicle. be it theft, traffic accident, flooding when it rains, parts theft, …

Should car insurance be purchased? 

If you have enough money to buy a car, not buying car insurance for cars is like buying a buffalo but not having a plow to wear around its neck. So, I ask you, without a plow, can a buffalo plow the land, can initially produce results to sow for the crop?

Similarly, the same goes for buying car insurance for your car. Do you think your car will be taken care of little by little without any lightening? This is impossible? And you are willing to spend a few million to a few tens of millions for a small loss or collision on the road but do not use that money for bigger things like theft or dangerous accidents for both people and vehicles on sugar or what?

Many people just keep up with the thought of the car being stolen, because it is less likely. Because I do not dare to think, it is best to look after it very carefully. But, how much do you think you can be careful? Or is it possible to prevent the unlucky godly situation from targeting you?

Car insurance shoulder the responsibility of thinking also dare not think

Car insurance is a condition in which your vehicle is subject to heavy rain, thunderstorms, and blocked in the middle of the road. With just one phone call, we’re ready to rescue and you don’t need to have a headache thinking whether a garage working in a thunderstorm or a tow truck will accept towing in a thunderstorm.

Car insurance is a condition where your car is stolen, there is car insurance to help you mostly in buying a new car.

Car insurance is a condition in which your car is damaged, bumped or overturned by nature such as fallen trees, or thunder, and there is voluntary insurance to help you pay up to 100% of the current car market value. .

Car insurance is a condition where your vehicle has stolen parts such as mirrors, glasses, or been scratched. Maintenance and replacement are covered as a percentage of the insurance.

Is it impossible to buy car insurance?

Why not, it is your choice. It is just that instead of being insured, the risks, you have to face and solve for yourself.
For example: Your car is scratched and scratched, you spend a few hundred to a few million instead.
For example: Your car has stolen a pair of car glasses, you have to spend a few million to a few tens of millions instead
For example: Your car hit the electric pole on a day that is not very nice and dented the nose of the car, you yourself spent a few tens of millions of repairs
For example: Your car is flooded, you drag yourself or pray for an enthusiastic garage on the stormy day to help you ignore the garage’s quality.
For example: If your car is stolen, you will spend several years trying to buy a new car yourself.

Is automobile insurance claim simple? Is there any support during the compensation process?

Claims are clearly stated in the insurance policy. You can also refer to the full procedure for an insurance claim here.
During the process of making the claim, the customer will receive instructions on how to complete the claim form from the insurance provider.

So, you choose to bet yourself with fate or spend a few million to cover all the compensation costs for you. With a simple operation with the serial number on the screen, registration is easier than ever: 086.919.6899

Or you can refer to the price comparison of various voluntary auto insurance service providers via the website:click here