Current international travel trends

Date: 02/12/2019

What international travel “trends” are popular?

The end of the year is an occasion when we begin to make international travel. The cherished, long-planned plans. The end of the year is a time when people allow themselves to be relaxed and reward themselves for what they deserve for a long year.
If you are planning to or have planned a vacation like that, let’s join with PAA.VN to grasp the headlines of travel booming in the past. And don’t forget to choose for yourself a few “trends” that suit your interests.

Finding a new place instead of following all the same time

Japan, South Korea are often chosen as tourist places

This time, most of us will choose go to Japan to see the white snow and enjoy the cool air to feel frozen. The atmosphere that we cann’t find in Vietnam, at least for the time being. Especially suitable for those who like real spongy skiing on white snowy hills. Odori Park in Sapporo with a ski festival is a good choice.

Korea is also the choice of many people – a country of thousands of years of civilization. The place has the famous N Seoul love tower with thousands of love keychains. A series of great ancient court designs in the cool air evokes the indescribable emotions of real scenes often seen on the majestic dramas.

Canada, which you should try once in your international travel

You will see the roofs, roads, trees, .. piled with snow, beyond the head. The chill came to degree, the shops were deserted and the people rushed across the street. The old solitude in the cover of cherished winter promises a spring full.
You must go through such feelings in order to understand the ultimate loneliness. In other busy tourist seasons, you remember the feeling of having spent the winter days in Canada, the feeling you do not want to experience again, but you can’t forget it.

International travel is the weekend trip

Weekend trips become a “trend” for a variety of reasons. The reason for both busy travelers accumulating holiday schedules at the end of the year, taking advantage of even weekends, increases the feeling of extended holidays. Other reasons come from places that tourists want to visit. Certainly the events, festivals are held on weekends, the day when the home, the people are resting.
Weekends are also the time when the promotions of the tour flourish the most. So, no one is not seizing the favorable opportunity both ways. Don’t forget to note it!

The rise of international tourists traveling alone

Going alone is more expensive than going to a group of people. Because travel companies will give preference to many tour groups or couples. But not so that the trend of increasing the number of tourists alone decreased. When life is too busy, too busy and hustle.
People have to follow the rotation of a mechanical society with too many collisions, too many relationships. International travel alone is a new, outstanding and modern trend. To where no one knows who you are, where you come from. You will escape the bondage of the current relationships.

International travel alone isn’t bad thing

Searching for yourself a true love, a real space to enjoy, to enjoy and contemplate. Sometimes, all of us have moments we just want to be alone. Don’t miss a ride like that, when you’re old enough.

Last minute reservations are on the rise

According to a survey, up to 39% of participants said that there was a tendency to book at the last minute. Because of sudden changes in locations, travel schedules. This usually happens in individuals traveling individually, not following the tour arrangement more.

International travel “spontaneous”, not taking the tour.

As pre-arranged tours become too boring and familiar, visitors find new, challenging but interesting things. When international tourism has become so popular, with the utmost convenience in terms of language with a full range of assistive devices, strong culture of opening, the story of exploring a strange country themselves or just a group of close people which are replacing pre-arranged travel.


Above are the recent tourism trends. Did you choose a suitable option for yourself? Don’t forget, no matter what style or style you choose, a visa is a must in almost every country you want to go.
In particular, if traveling alone or a group of people does not follow the tour, it means that the percentage of your troubles and risks is higher than others. Therefore, a travel insurance package for you to experience peace of mind to explore, peace of mind to explore, self-confidence is certainly indispensable. On another note, for some developed countries, owning travel insurance is a required condition for a visa.


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