How are the recent situation in HONG KONG? What does the world say?

Date: 21/11/2019

How are the recent situation in HONG KONG?

In recent years, it can be said that the protests in Hong Kong are hot spots not only in Hong Kong, but also the whole world is watching the evolutions of the political part that is becoming more and more complicated every day.

After being returned to China in 1997 by the United Kingdom under the “one country, two regime” style. H.K was entitled to maintain a separate legal system, independent of the mainland and neither sides could sign any agreement. Any extradition agreement. Besides, the two distinct ideologies of H.K and China make people even more strongly opposed in the war of “subordination” to the Chinese government. As well as fears of a growing government’s influence over Hong Kong.

If extradition law is passed, how will Hong Kong be affected?

Prevent Hong Kong from becoming a leading financial center

If the bill goes into effect, suspects arrested in Hong Kong could be handed over to mainland China, leading many to worry that Beijing will have an influence on Hong Kong’s independent judicial system. The core strength makes H.K one of the leading financial centers in Asi

Concerns of investors in Hong Kong

Nearly one-third of Hong Kong’s GDP comes from the financial sector and related industries such as legal services. All major banks in the world have offices in this city. Hong Kong is also the “home” of Asia’s second largest stock exchange and where many Western media outlets set up offices to cover Asia.
Banks and investors will not be confident in deploying capital to areas where they can be confiscated arbitrarily and often have to “back door” to solve business problems.

Threat to sovereignty still set up

In addition, many protesters were concerned about voicing doubts about the fairness and transparency of the Chinese judicial system. Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s appeal comes from a transparent, clear, credible legal system that promises neutrality in arbitration.
Although Hong Kong’s leaders insist that extradition law is only applied for serious crimes and exclude certain economic crimes such as securities fraud, tax evasion, providing false commercial information or intrusions computer. However, this does not improve the current violence situation of the people of H.K.

What do authorities and Chinese people say?

The Chinese people expressed their request to the government to step up “suppressing” the riots of Hong Kong people through influential mainstream newspapers. With the pressure of Hong Kong police for the people of Hong Kong they are supported by the Chinese people.
On major Chinese websites, people call these protests the “shame” of Hong Kong people for their government. Of course, on a completely different frontline, these are the extremely fierce actions of the Chinese people towards the people of Hong Kong, who according to the world map, they are brothers from the country.
However, a part of the Chinese who live in fear is the mainland Chinese living in H.K. It is the violent riots of the people of Hong Kong that raise the fears of “cutting fish anger” even if they do not dare to speak Mandarin in China to avoid possible troubles.

The Vice President of the United States responded to the complicated developments of the current Hong Kong political situation

Speaking at the Wilson Center, US Vice President Mike Pence said Washington supports the H.K youth protest movement. Mr. Pence also said that mainland China could develop economically and raise the standard of living equivalent to Hong Kong if the Beijing government respected human rights and political freedom.

US Vice President Mike Pence

At the end of the speech, the US Vice President also mentioned the trade agreements between Washington and Beijing, wishing the two countries to achieve “a good outcome and avoid an economic encounter”.
It can be seen that the situation is complicated and there is not any sign of ending the current politics in Hong Kong and the violent riots are constantly promoting. People in the region and the world also have conflicting opinions and opinions to the above developments. Just know, now H.K people are ready to rush into the police with whatever they have, the police are also ready to “shoot guns” on people.

Someone said: “If the law is passed, Hong Kong is like a city in China