International travel insurance and what you need to know

Date: 21/10/2019

Many people often travel. But do not know how to travel need air tickets, exchange money, souvenirs, … there is another essential item is international travel insurance.

What is international travel insurance?

International travel insurance as a ticket through the gate between the two countries. Between Vietnam and the country you will arrive. Will be the steel sheet that protects you best in the land. Ensuring passengers’ needs and interests in terms of health, property and life in a country other than a language, a different culture, or even a law.

These services protect customers of international travel insurance

Worldwide coverage: you are globally insured for all the risks you face when staying, traveling, or studying in all countries of the world.

Outpatient and inpatient medical treatment costs, surgical expenses incurred in the course of illness, illness up to USD 70,000 / EUR / person / flight on all your flights.

24/7 insurance for instant services to solve risks for you

Travel assistance services provide travel information for you about embassies, translation services, law offices, medical facilities abroad.

Guarantee fee for hospital fees in foreign countries with the amount up to 2,500 USD / person: When you get sick due to sudden changes in weather, have an accident, instead of having to find the hospital yourself, pay for yourself Expensive hospital fees, you can face the insurance with the sum insured.

Medical expenses for air transport in case of force majeure need to transport passengers immediately to ensure passengers’ health or necessities.

Cost of repatriation to Vietnam: in case of death or in case of loss of luggage, money and other provisions that customers of international travel insurance can be paid 100% repatriation cost.

And there are also extremely convenient benefits at the back

Human accident insurance

Pay insurance benefits in case of death or total and permanent disability due to the accident at your destination. Will be paid as the contract limits set forth on death or permanent disability.

Luggage and personal insurance

Paying for expenses for loss, damage or damage to personal belongings of luggage, which the international travel insurance customer brought with him or her, as a direct result of the accident or mistaken carriage of the Carrier.

Lost luggage, customers will be compensated from international travel insurance.

When a loss of property occurs, just prove that your property was with you at the time of the theft and your belongings will be refunded.

Insurance accepted baggage slowly

Pay expenses for the insurance company to make emergency purchases of essential hygiene items or clothes when the luggage is temporarily lost. The advance to purchase used items is completely free, paid by international travel insurance.

Insurance for travel documents

Pay the cost for international travel insurance buyers to re-issue travel documents, travel and accommodation expenses incurred while re-processing those documents, and your repatriation expenses due to repatriation tickets are no longer available. value. Even if the loss of your travel document is your fault, the reimbursement of international travel insurance is responsible for the cost of travel and living expenses in the process of re-processing the document as well as the cost of the return ticket. .

Insurance costs to cut or cancel the trip

Compensation for lost deposits and expenses when family members die, seriously ill or seriously injured. In the case of flight cancellation due to force majeure as a family member who is enrolled in international travel insurance accidentally lost, seriously ill, the insurer is willing to compensate the registered deposit.

Trip insurance is delayed

Subsidizing a sum of money to international travel insurance buyers under the program in case the registrant’s vehicle is delayed due to bad weather, strikes, robbery, technical errors beyond their control.

In the event of a flight delay beyond the control of the insured, the insurance company will provide a sum of money to them.

Subjects participating in international travel insurance

Being a Vietnamese citizen, or a foreigner residing in Vietnam for 180 days or more, aged 6 to 80 years old.

Maximum benefits are only available from Bao Viet’s Flexi international travel insurance package

Worldwide coverage (except Vietnam): Bao Viet’s insurance package protects accidents, sickness of travelers worldwide.

Guarantee and global relief services in any language at the touch of a button

  • SOS – Phone: +848 3823 2429 for insurance policies issued before April 1, 2017
  • IPA – Phone: +662 039 5705 for insurance policies issued after April 1, 2017

As long as you need, just 30 seconds, your problem will be immediately supported in “foreign land” even in your native language.

Preferential tariffs if the whole family participates in an international travel insurance policy: for the whole family, you can enjoy extremely attractive tariffs for all the insured members. absolute safety protection.

Validity of international travel insurance

From the time of completing the procedures for exit in Vietnam and ending on the date of repatriation in Vietnam. Or at the last 24 hours of the insurance period (whichever is earlier)

Particularly, the insurance effect “Cost of cutting or canceling a trip” starts from the date of issuing the insurance policy and ends on the start date of the route as prescribed before the trip. This is no longer valid when the aircraft begins to take off.

Above is the information on the specified international travel insurance package. Hope to bring everyone useful information to ensure absolute safety for the upcoming trip.


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