The claim for international travel insurance

Date: 27/12/2019

Detail in the claim for international travel insurance

I. Deadline for submission of international travel insurance compensation dossier

Within 30 days (depending on Insurance Company’s Regulations)

II. Dossiers of claim for international travel insurance

The insurance claim form, complete with supporting information and supporting documentation, including but not limited to:

1. For human accident insurance

The doctor’s and hospital’s report details the type of loss, the extent and duration of injury, the police report if any, and a copy of the death certificate and autopsy report in case of death.

2. For Medical and other expenses, Support for hospitalization, Loss of deposit, Cancellation or shortening of trip

All receipts, tickets, contracts or agreements relating to the complaint and if complaining about medical treatment, a full doctor’s statement is required to state:

(a) symptoms of the disease being treated,

(b) the date of commencement of illness in the opinion of a physician,

(c) a summary of the course of treatment including all prescribed drugs and services used.

3. For Personal belongings and belongings, Receiving luggage is slow; Money to bring and Travel documents

All details, including but not limited to, a receipt stating the date of purchase, price, type and type of lost or damaged items, emergency purchase receipts for essential items on the trip , an immediate notice to the carrier, and the carrier’s record of loss or damage occurring during transit, and a police report certified immediately when loss or damage occurs. out in other situations. These reports need to be made within 24 hours of the incident.

4. For Postponement of trips

The Company’s requested documentation demonstrating the cause of the delay has been officially acknowledged with a clear statement of its nature.

5. For Personal Responsibilities

All correspondence, subpoenas or subpoenas must be sent to the Insurance Company as soon as received, unanswered.

6. Regarding benefits of playing “Hole in one” golf

The scorecard of the event issued by the golf club has been signed / signed for and recorded in writing by the golf course manager.

7. In case of Reimbursement for Insurance Deduction

Evidence of the deductible incurred in connection with the loss.

III. Address of receiving claim file

  • Send to
  • Return to the Insurance Company that issued the application.

IV. Buy international travel insurance
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