Tips for wall paint color

Date: 05/11/2019

How to make your wall paint color always new? 

After a period of use, the wall paint color of your home starts to show signs of dirt, peeling, or musty mold. In short, no longer retain the original beautiful colors.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon. However, not everyone can fix it. Before you think about renovating a house a “new color” costly, note with the “tips” tiny but extremely effective below

First steps to prevent factors affecting paint color

Material paint color is very important 

The paint of the house as well as the coat you put on your body. First, for the shirt to be used longer, you must choose good fabric. Similarly, aside from the color of the wall paint, you need to pay attention to both the material and the brand of the paint.

You should learn the prestigious paint brands, which are trusted by many people in the market. It is not difficult to mention Dulux, MyColor, Jotun, .. certainly a little more expensive than paints of other brands, but invest once instead of spending more to fix errors later.

Considering for wall tiles

Everyone knows that the wall right within reach is always the easiest part to get stuck with. So if you want to keep your walls clean, especially if you have children, consider using tiles for your walls.

Cladding tiles are the perfect choice to replace wall paint color

Certainly will not be able to appear doodles make you want to “crazy”. Or even unwanted stains during the living touch.

Wallpaper can be used instead of the original wall color

Wallpaper will no longer make you fret or fret about the problem of dirty walls anymore. Because this is a perfect camouflage layer for your walls always shiny.

use Wallpaper

Besides, you can optionally change the wall color according to your preferences in each stage by changing the different wallpaper. This also makes your home always new.

Situations affecting wall paint color and quick solutions
Mold stain, patchy on wall paint color 

Surely this is a factor that makes the aesthetic factor of your house plummet. Come to think of it, smudges are often found on the ceiling, the reason being that the wall texture soaks up the raindrops inside the paint causing mold.

Moldy marks due to dampness of the wall cause the house to lose its aesthetic

You will want to “go crazy” when suddenly on a beautiful day looking up from the ceiling, you will realize that the beautiful wall of the strange color of yellow panels is unsettling and hygienic, even peeling. big.

Mold knocking solution 

If the mold area is not too large, the process is very simple. You can use a brush to clean the mold on the wall, then use detergent to beat away. Then, wait for the wall to dry completely, use a repellent paint once and use a last coat to restore the original paint color.

With the case of many moldy spots and holes, there is no other way to make a hole in the wall. After that, plaster the cement on the wall, finally, use a savior – waterproof sealant and a layer of waterproof paint after 5-7 days. Don’t forget to repaint the wall color for your home.

Children scribbled on the wall 

This is an unavoidable situation when your family has an active age baby and exploring the world. But don’t worry, unsightly stains can be erased within a note.

Solution to erasing traces of lines drawn on walls

To remove the “dotted lines,” use a small brush such as a toothbrush saturated with detergent, lemon or vinegar, then carefully apply it to the wall. Or you can use mayonnaise to apply to the stain first, then do the above.

You should also use damp paper towels to wipe back in the final stage to wash away the parts that have not been cleaned or removed from dirt.

Black stain on the wall

Can be made up of long-lasting handrails on the walls of the house creating small black marks that are dull compared to the wall colors. Especially the location at hand’s reach.

wall paint colors stained 

Simply soak a little vinegar on a wet tissue and rub gently on the wall. Dull black marks will immediately improve or disappear.

Traces of hooks stuck on walls 

Sticky marks after removing them from the wall can cause the wall to peel off in large, ugly patches. To avoid this situation, take a hair dryer around the area of ​​the paste, then use the thread to thread in from the top of the paste and gradually slide down so that the hook is removed easily, without causing peeling of paint. nice.

Traces of nails hammered into walls 

This is not too difficult to fill the “holes” with simple tricks. Use the crayons that have the same color as the wall. Then, swing the wax hot color to melt the wax into the part of the gap to fill.

The mark is closed on the wall

Finally, just need to remove all the excess wax on the face to be able to restore the entire beauty of the house, In case of taking specialized wax, it is not unreasonable and creates extremely satisfying effect.

You can ensure your home is always new

Above are the simple ways to make your home paint shiny, brand new. Because the paint color represents aesthetics and objective reviews about the house, everyone wants to keep the paint color as original as possible.
However, no one can take care of the house little by little as there are many other concerns. You can’t just stay indoors to protect every little impact, right?
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