Buy healthcare insurance in District 9

Date: 29/05/2020

Buy healthcare insurance in District 9

District 9 is a wasteland, dense forest, wild animals living in groups, sparsely populated. But that was District 9 of the past. Up to now, District 9 has grown dramatically to no less than other central districts of Ho Chi Minh City. Buying health insurance in District 9 will be a smart choice for the ever-growing standard of living.

Brief introduction of District 9

District 9 is one of 6 districts in Ho Chi Minh City that is undergoing urbanization. As planned, by 2025, District 9 will be a center of knowledge and high technology city with many completed projects and constructions. Highlights of District 9 are High-tech Park with an area of 872 ha; 800ha national university campus; 395 ha ethnic and cultural cultural park

In any development step, traffic is always the bottleneck to solve problems. Especially after the spectacular “crossing the river” project of Thu Thiem bridge and Thu Thiem tunnel to connect District 1 and District 2, going to District 9, Thu Duc and the provinces of the Southeast has opened a new direction for traffic. the whole Northeast Area.

With favorable conditions on transport infrastructure, new modern technical infrastructure. District 9 will be the place to attract many real estate projects, increasing real estate value. This is also a place for people to settle down and become unemployed.

Why do you must buy healthcare insurance in District 9?

There are many interwoven industrial parks

District 9 is home to more and more industrial parks here. When the central district is out of land and focused on mere business companies, the suburban districts will be a good “bait” to form large-scale production industrial zones.

This is evidenced by the High-Tech Park, Samsung Tech Parks also gathered there. Air sources and radiation not visible to the naked eye will affect people’s health. Like a rule of clearing. That you are in the most developed place, benefiting the most “artificial products” is also to suffer the greatest impact from its impact on your planet.

Strange diseases appear

The COVID 19 pandemic broke out on a large scale, so far more than half a year but still has not found the vaccine and the countries are only trying to “control the disease”. To the present, this is the method of upper policy. COVID 19 destroys people. Our government issues instructions on free medical treatment for the entire population. But can some countries do this? And suppose we do not control translation as well as at the present time, make sure that the above instruction is maintained. Or the people must also join hands to “kill the enemy”.

Not to mention dengue fever is rampant, everywhere is sick. Time to go to the hospital is costly, not silver hundred and silver million. So, why not “bite” once to register an insurance package for just over one million. This is equivalent to one or several visits to get “free” treatment for subsequent visits.

High medical examination and treatment costs

In harmony with the “atmosphere” of the whole city, the cost of medical examination and treatment for people living nearby District 9 is likewise accounting for a huge cost. When a series of large and most prestigious hospitals across the country gathered here, the quality of treatment and the corresponding treatment fees were all at the highest threshold in the country.

A healthcare insurance package with reasonable cost in order to ensure to avoid losing another amount several dozen times is definitely something to be mentioned and people themselves need to consider.

Which company should you buy healthcare insurance in District 9 ? 

On the market today, there are a variety of companies that offer health insurance at a very flexible price. But if you are an in depth research and insurance researcher. Customers definitely detect the hidden corners behind. That, compensation benefits of customers are only highest satisfied in reputable and reputable insurance companies across the country.
So, do not hurry to regret a few cheap fees and then take disability money brought in by unreliable insurance companies in the market. Instead, ensure comprehensive protection of interests with reputable and reliable insurance packages from big brands like Bao Viet and Liberty.

It is not by chance that Bao Viet has become the leading insurance company in the country, nor should we suddenly recommend Bao Viet. Because:
– Bao Viet is the leading prestigious insurance company in the country gaining the title in 2019

– Bao Viet is the insurance company with the highest revenue in the country in 2018

– Bao Viet not only invests in each insurance but also has other investments in the fields of finance and banking. This helps to change and maintain flexibility in capital and various sources so as not to affect any aspect of the organization.
– Bao Viet has 9,000 billion dong of mobilized capital ready to pay benefits to customers

What do you choose healthcare insurance products in District 9?

Bao Viet An Gia Healthcare insurance with fee from 3,200 VND/day

– The maximum basic benefit is 454 million VND/year
– Pay for treatment and hospitalization with a limit of up to VND 2,000,000/day
– Guarantee for direct payment of hospital fees to over 90 domestic hospitals in leading hospitals such as Vinmec, Phap Viet, ..
– Integrate many additional benefits in the same insurance package: outpatient, accident, life, dental, maternity.
=> To find out details about the insurance package, please click on the link.

 Intercare Healthcare Insurance with a fee of 16,000 VND/day

– The maximum basic benefit is 10 billion VND
– Pay for treatment and hospitalization with a limit of up to  21,000,000 VND/day
– Guarantee for direct payment to over 150 domestic and international hospitals
– There are many insurance benefits for customers to choose from Vietnam to international
– Integrate many benefits: accident, life, dental, maternity, support for international students.
– Have emergency medical transportation across the country and support return costs when needed.
=> To find out details about the insurance package, please click on the link.

Ultracare healthcare insurance with the cost from 54,000 VND/day

 Benefit payment limits of up to 5,000,000 $, enough to treat critical illnesses in countries with the most advanced medical services
 Global insurance coverage, allowing customers to access modern medical services at home and abroad
Pay all cancer treatment costs
 Regular health checkups and exams up to 1,000$ /year, including costs of visits and immunizations
 Emergency or non-emergency medical transportation for cases that require outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment or day treatment.
Red Services 24/7 – Emergency assistance and emergency security solutions in life-threatening situations
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How to consult, consult and register the insurance packages
After customers have learned about the product and you need advice or contact to buy insurance, please follow these ways:
Method 1: Call or text the hotline: 086.919.6899 for staff to consult and answer questions for free.
Method 2: Fill in personal information and content to be answered online: at the table REGISTRATION OF INSURANCE CONSULTANT
Method 3: Send a request email to mailbox: request content for advice or answers. Note: please leave your phone number so the counselor can contact us quickly.
Method 4: Send a zalo message via phone number: 086.919.6899 with the content that needs support or advice.
After receiving the request, customers of consultant will contact soonest to support customers