Experience of buying healthcare insurance for first time participants

Date: 08/06/2020

Experience of buying healthcare insurance not everyone knows!

If you want to have experience buying healthcare insurance but haven’t participated yet? The market “gold brass” confused so who does not know whom? Then you have to verify it yourself.

What are some common features of healthcare insurance between companies?

– Health insurance has a one-year insurance period
– Health insurance is not subject to VAT
– Pay one-time insurance premium, pay annual premium.
– Insurance fee will not be refunded after the policy termination date (except for the case of termination of insurance contract in the middle of the insurance validity).

Need to know the main ideas when buying healthcare insurance

– Different age groups will have different premium rates for the same insurance benefit.
– Different needs will be met by insurance packages with different protection plans.
– Healthcare insurance will have general insurance exclusions that differ between insurance companies.
– Healthcare insurance has a waiting period for common, special and pre-existing conditions.

Buying healthcare insurance should consider

Buying for the whole family is the best choice

Everyone wants the whole family to be healthy. Or unfortunately have the best treatment. So, an insurance package for the whole family with stable finance is the safest method.

Healthcare insurance for your family

Just protect yourself, just protect for those who love. Besides, when registering for health insurance for the whole family, you will receive promotional prices from insurance companies (the level of promotion depends on the company).

Buy as soon as possible and should buy continuously for many years

Healthcare insurance is a talisman for health. The sooner you buy, the better the health of the participants. Especially health insurance should be purchased continuously for many years to avoid waiting time to return to the beginning of the accident. Or for the elderly, health insurance can apply a continuous renewal period of 5 years when purchasing insurance for customers who have expired the right to join the new normal age of participation.

Declare accurate information before participating in insurance

The procedure for enrolling in insurance is quick and simple, normally there is almost no need for a medical examination. Customers only need to declare personal information and current health conditions of themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to truthfully declare the information and avoid cases where the information does not match between declarations.

With experience of buying health insurance of any company is good

Each insurance company will have different types of insurance tailored to each customer. Most insurance companies are good and have unique advantages. There are companies with the same benefits but the fee is lower than other companies. In contrast, there will be more reputable companies in the market, with faster time to settle compensation procedures. In short, it depends on the needs and interests of the customer, such as premiums, benefits or time and compensation procedures.

Several types of health insurance on the market
Bao Viet An Gia Healthcare insurance 

– With a cost of 3,000 VND/day

  • Basic insurance benefits up to 454 million VND/year.
  • Including medical examination / treatment costs up to  2,000,000 VND/day and not exceeding 60 days/year.
  • Guarantee in 90 hospitals across the country, including international hospitals: Vinmec, Viet Phap, Mekong, .
  • There are many different insurance programs: copper, silver, gold, platinum, diamond.
  • In an insurance program, there are different insurance limits to suit the needs of customers. From mandatory inpatient conditions to additional voluntary terms: outpatient, accident, life, maternity, dentistry.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Details of Bao Viet An Gia health insurance package<<<<<<<<<<<<

 Intercare Bao Viet Healthcare insurance 
– With a cost of 16,000 VND/day

  • Basic insurance benefits up to 10 billion/year
  •  Including medical examination / treatment costs up to 2,000,000 VND/day and not exceeding 60 days/year.
  • The cost of medical examination and treatment up to
  •  Including many insurance packages with different insurance territories: from Vietnam to the world
  • There are many insurance programs and options within different insurance lines similar to Bao Viet An Gia.

>>>>>>>>>> Details of Intercare – Bao Viet healthcare insurance package<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Liberty Healthcare insurance

  • There is no limit to the cost of hospitalization or the number of treatment days
  • Insurance for both illness and accident
  • Pay all costs for surgery, cancer treatment, ..
  •  Flexible options with different insurance packages
  • Emergency repatriation medical transportation in Vietnam and abroad.

>>>>>>>>>>> Details of Liberty Healthcare health insurance package <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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