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Date: 30/10/2018

Insurance is an important part of the risk management of an organization or even an individual. Whatever the cause of the risk, events or accidents will also bring about certain difficulties, such as property damage, physical or mental damage to an individual (or organization), thus affecting to themselves, the family in particular and the social-economic life in general.

As can be seen, in parallel with the quality of life, human needs are becoming more diversified – we buy houses, buy cars, own more assets, travel more. That means the risk is greater. In order to enjoy every moment of life in complete freedom, many families choose to rely on non-life insurance to protect the most important things.

People’s lives are becoming more and more quality.

Non-life insurance is the type of insurance in which an insured person is committed to pay, compensated by the insurer for material or human loss. These losses may include financial risks, fire, flood, storm or earthquake damage, theft, or travel accident. This is considered to be the most effective tool to minimize the consequences of unwanted events.

When you never know in advance what will happen in the future, investing in non-life insurance is the way you are prepared for every situation, to minimize unwanted damage. Based on a very simple principle – risk sharing – BHH is regarded as a form of expression of community, mutual support, humanity profound, when no one is faced with unexpected events. alone again

Understanding this value, we, Phan Assurance Agency are willing to jointly build, nurture and develop strong relationships and close cooperation with domestic partners as well as individuals. As a company founded by members with more than 10 years of experience in the field of occupational safety and health, instilled in professionalism and dedication in the service delivery process, we look forward to bringing the trust. and maintain the human value of the product.

Among of 31 insurers on the market, 5 are big insurers, accounting for more than 60% of the market. Three of our partners are Bao Viet, Bao Minh, PetroVietnam (PVI) and Liberty.

Vision: Become a leading insurance agency in Vietnam – A reliable address for everyone

Mission: Keeping people’s beliefs, the human values ​​of insurance, contributing to a better society.

Free Support for everyone involved in insurance.

Core values:

Integrity: We are honest, fair and honest in every transaction.

Customer-centralizing: We continually strive to provide assurance to our customers and achieve their satisfaction.

Professional: We strive to improve our skills and our ability to provide the highest quality service.

Innovation and innovation: We listen to our stakeholders and are constantly exploring and improving the way we work and do business.

Business ethics: Always uphold commitments, respect the law and the truth.


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