BẢO VIỆT – Compulsory Motorbike Insurance


What is motorcycle insurance?
Motorcycle insurance provides financial protection in the event of accident, loss, theft or motorcycle damage. Motorcycle accident insurance covers liability insurance in the event you are liable for personal injury or property damage. These policies provide coverage for motorcycles, tricycles or motor sports.

What are the benefits of motorcycle insurance?
Motorbike insurance is very important in protecting yourself and others and protecting your own car. Motorcycles are more likely to be stolen than cars or passenger cars. In addition, once stolen, they are easy to dismantle, reassemble, and sell. Moreover, operating a motorbike is more dangerous than passenger cars for several reasons:

Motorcycles are smaller and harder to see than other drivers.
They are fast and manageable, and this makes them even harder to see.
They operate on two wheels, and only an uninteresting moment can cause an accident.
The driver has no protective equipment, such as a seat belt or air bag.
For all of these reasons, you should buy motorbike insurance to get insurance if you plan to drive a motorbike on the highway. If you are racing, just for competition or entertainment, it is more important to buy motorbike insurance to cover yourself and your car.

Is motorcycle insurance compulsory?
Motorcycle insurance covers the following types: motorbike liability insurance, motorbike accident insurance, car and passenger car insurance, vehicle damage insurance, motorcycle theft insurance Motorcycle explosion.

Compulsory motorbike insurance for motorbike civil liability insurance. Any person or entity who is the owner of a motorcycle must purchase this compulsory insurance. In case of not purchasing civil liability insurance for motorcycles, if checked by traffic police, they will be fined for car or driver license.

The remaining two types of insurance are not compulsory but the government and insurers still encourage individuals and organizations to buy this insurance.

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