Flight easy of Bao Viet insurance – refunding every late flight

Date: 12/11/2019

Flight easy of Bao Viet insurance is a new type of insurance from Bao Viet to deal with delays for passengers. The recent delay of flight is both annoying and annoying for customers. In 2018, according to data of the Vietnam Aviation Administration had 39,632 flights were delayed. If you’re going to be on a business trip, the information below is for you.

Some definitions of Bao Viet flight easy insurance

When signing a flight delay insurance policy, many customers will not fully understand the meaning of each term. Below, PAA.VN will summarize the concepts that you need to understand and just need to understand these concepts. Let’s find out it with PAA.VN!

Scheduled time of departure

Means the departure time of the flight as stated on the flight ticket of the Carrier at the point of purchase or where such flight has been rescheduled, the new departure time as announced or stated by the Carrier on the airport’s notice board at least 01 day before departure date.

Actual time of departure

Means the time when the chocks are removed from the wheel before the aircraft is pushed backwards away from the airport gate.

Arise, arises or arising

Means directly or indirectly arising or in any way connected with.


Means more than 2 hours hold up between the scheduled time of departure and the actual time of departure.


Means a scheduled commercial aircraft listed with the relevant authorities in the countries in which the aircraft is registered and is operated by an airline company which holds a certificate, licensed or similar authorization for transporting passengers.

Certificate of Insurance

Is the document we give you which confirms that we have issued a policy to you and sets out details of your cover.


Means the insured person’s registration at the airport’s departure gate or  through any methods accepted by the airlines to receive boarding passes (including electronic boarding passes).

Premium for flight easy of Bao Viet insurance

Premium above is indicative and may increase by between 10% to 20%, in the event of unexpected event such as weather, airport closure and any other factors determined by us.

Policy benefits for easy of Bao Viet insurance

  • Compensation 880,000 VND / flight easy
  • Baoviet Insurance will compensate the insured person VND 888,000 if the insured has delayed journey. Conditions apply for a period of more than 2 hours consecutively from the scheduled departure time of the Transporting Vehicle as stated in the Insurance Certificate.

Coverage time

The coverage commence 03 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure.  During the period of cover, any flight delay for more than two consecutive hours will be compensated with claim amount as stated in the Schedule of Benefit.

The case doesn’t pay the costs incurred insurance for flight eassy of Bao Viet

If the scheduled flight of the Insured Person is a connecting flight

If you have a flight to France directly from Vietnam where there is a delay of more than 2 hours, you will receive flight delay insurance. But if you fly to France by connecting from Vietnam to China and then from China to France, your delayed flight will not be covered.

If the insured doesn’t check-in at the airport according to the itinerary confirmation provided

If the insured for any reason fails to check-in at the airport, such as being busy at work, having an accident on the way, canceling a flight, etc., if the flight time must be canceled or canceled, will not be compensated from late flight insurance benefits.
If the insured arrives at the airport late, after scheduled check-in or after boarding time
Those who are insured due to traffic jams, busy work, sleeping, etc. arriving at the airport late and after check-in scheduled time are not entitled to the compensation for late flight insurance.

If the insured person has been denied boarding, or has been excluded from a scheduled flight by airline or airport security for any reason

The insured who argue with other passengers or airport staff to force severity from flight, passengers carrying illegal substances, .. will not be compensated for late flight insurance.

Arising from a strike or strike begins to occur or be notified before buying this insurance

When there are incidents such as strikes or strikes that delay or cancel flights, passengers participating in insurance will not be compensated for late flight insurance.

Do by hijackers

Cases such as being attacked by hijackers delaying or canceling flights, similarly, passengers who are insured will not be compensated for late flight insurance.

The excluded points of flight easy of Bao Viet insurance

Wars, invasions, actions of foreign enemies

War, aggression, act of foreign enemies, hostility (whether or not a war is declared), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, mutiny or the usurper army martial law or blockade, any event or cause that results in the declaration or maintenance of martial law or the blockade, confiscation, quarantine or customs or nationalization regulations under orders of any government or any local authority or authority.


Or civil violence, strikes, lockouts or the risk of such incidents.

The countries on the list exclude destinations

Insured Person traveling to or through Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Belarus, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, North Korea, Lebanon, Liberia, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Zimbabwe or any other affected country exclude yet. These are countries excluded from the list of destinations for Bao Viet flight delay insurance.

Flights canceled or rescheduled due to the airline’s cause

The flight is canceled or rescheduled unless the flight is rescheduled is considered to be delayed by Transportation.

The insured knows in advance

If the insured knew before buying this insurance for any reason that could cause the flight is delayed. This is also in the list of excluded insurance benefits for late flight insurance.

Airline The insured who bought the airline ticket went bankrupt and the flight was canceled

The rare case that has not occurred up to now is that the Insured Person goes bankrupt and of course, this is not in the incident where the insurer is responsible for indemnifying the insurance for risks.

The trip does not originate from Vietnam

Flights not originating from Vietnam will not be covered by flight delay insurance.

Who should buy flight easy pf Bao Viet insurance

  • People often go on business and tourism
  • The truth is that people who like to travel to Vietjet should buy this insurance, because Vietjet is the airline with the highest percentage of delays (updated data as of 2018).
  • Those who travel by plane during peak periods and most during the holiday season.


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