Bao Viet Healthcare insurance promotion program

Date: 05/02/2020

Bao Viet with “Choose Insurance, full assurance” promotion program

Name of the promotion: Choose insurance, full assurance

Target customers: individual and household customers having insurance for the first year or having previously participated in insurance but have interrupted for more than 1 year.

Application period of the promotion: 03/02/2020 – 10/03/2020

Form of sales promotion

  • Reduced premiums: 20% direct premium reduction
  • The first 1500 customers participating in Bao Viet An Gia Gold insurance package or above or customers participating in any Bao Viet Intercare healthcare insurance package will receive 01 set of products designed with a special version.

How to participate: type OFF20 into the link: please click link here

Some notes of the promotion program:

  • Promotion is not valid with other promotions.
  • Insurance policies that have entered the promotion and completed the payment will not be canceled or refunded.

Why should customers join Bao Viet healthcare insurance in the promotion program?

Opportunity to own 2 types of healthcare insurance with the highest revenue growth of Bao Viet

These are the two types of health insurance with the largest revenue growth of Bao Viet company in the health group. That means these are the two most reliable and most widely used insurance products than most health insurance customers.

Tet is a time when health is at a warning level

Tet is also the time when we neglect our health when eating in moderation, eating foods of many origins, very easily poisoned by too many cups in alcohol or a combination of incompatible foods.

The golden time for insurance waiting period to expire

Health insurance has a waiting period of 30 days for common illness. This is the golden time for customers to participate in insurance. New Year’s Eve is also the time when the insurance waiting period expires and customers can use it right away when an incident occurs.

Buy insurance with preferential rates

20% discount on premium and the chance to receive a special edition design during this promotion period. For example, male customer, 35 years old participating in Intercare health insurance package Gold purchased in normal time will cost: VND 15,200,000 while the promotional period will cost: VND 12,160,000, saved 3,040,000 VND.

Do not put all eggs in a basket

Why are we waiting for risks to ignore us or to accept a “death pay” to prevent health risks that can occur at any time. Instead, actively spend a small amount to get compensation to the maximum limit for hospitalization, outpatient, accident, dental, maternity.

Healthcare is the most precious thing

If you calm to think, you will realize that health is the most valuable asset that you are attached to throughout your life. You lose money, you have a chance to earn it again, but once you lose your health, you will not have the opportunity to find it again. Because you are only given one body by your parents. Take good care of.

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