international travel insurance’s compulsory when you want to apply visa

Date: 25/10/2019

International travel insurance – Prerequisite for apply visa

International travel insurance for some countries is a compulsory to apply visa. But not many people care about the real benefits of this type of insurance. The following article will analyze why international travel insurance for some countries is a prerequisite for the issue of obtaining a tourist visa.

International travel insurance is compulsory for those countries when you want to apply visa

International travel insurance for some countries is a mandatory condition in the terms of whether or not to apply for an entry visa. We can mention some of the countries mentioned below

Countries in the Schengen area

They are: Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, France, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. , Malta, Iceland, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greece.

When traveling, visiting relatives, studying in these countries, you must own an international travel insurance to be able to apply visa.


The United States is the most expensive medical nation in the world. Therefore, when there are health risks, you will have to pay an extremely expensive cost.

To prevent this reason, international travel insurance becomes a must-have condition when you apply for an entry visa to minimize damage to visitors.


You will be surprised when Thailand is in this top right. But, do not forget, Thailand is the tourist paradise of almost all tourists, especially those who want to travel to a place of Southeast Asia, Thailand is the name mentioned many times.

According to a statement by the Thai Ministry of Health, tourists who came to Thailand without travel insurance had to pay about US $ 88 million per year for treatment at hospitals. This is a worrying issue. Because the number of visitors to Thailand is on the rise.

The mandatory solution for international travel insurance when applying for a visa is a completely thought-out step for Thai government travelers. Documents proving that travel insurance is strictly and strictly checked at the immigration procedures counter.


With bold classic style, Cuba is truly a paradise for those who love ancient and magical architecture. Cuba can be an attractive destination to please any visitor. To Cuba multicultural, you must equip yourself with international travel insurance to be able to apply for a visa to this beautiful country.

United Arab Emirates

Members of the Emirate of the United Arab Emirates include: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Qaiwain) require travelers to have international travel insurance to agree to issue.

After all, the emirate has multiculturalism, religion with certain political confusion. And the most outstanding economy here is the reason why you only really feel secure when owning an international travel insurance when you arrive in the land known as the magnificent capital of the world.

Why in some countries is international travel insurance required for a visa?

Having read the above, some readers were suspicious of the special benefits of international travel insurance for a tourist.

For travelers

International travel insurance ensures payment of expenses incurred when visitors have accidents, illnesses or even death for visitors.

Quickly provide assistance in case of inadequacies to visitors with just a phone call via the support switchboard

Guaranteed support compensation for cases of theft, lost luggage of travelers

Increase confidence to experience and explore the land of your arrival

For the tourist country

Minimize the burden of community risk of the country where visitors arrive on the costs of the occurrence of risks to visitors

Increase trust and return commitment of visitors to this country

How do international travel insurance providers benefits to customers?

International travel insurance companies all offer an affordable price of just $ 1 per day for the basic benefits that customers receive. In addition, there are many different service packages selected to suit the level of expectation of customers when the compensation incident occurs.

The basic benefits are the cost of hospital fees, support for carers, hospitalization assistance, theft or loss of luggage, assistance in resolving public conflicts, delayed / delayed aircraft, lost airfare, .. even death of the insured with benefits depending on the service package and the company provided.

Why are many people still psychologically coping and unconsciously opposed to this type of apply visa insurance?

This is compulsory insurance for visas in some countries. But really some tourists say they are made to be difficult when they do not fully understand the meaning of this type of insurance for the rights of travelers. Just as some people do not care when the risk has not occurred, so they have not fully imagined the importance of insurance.

Another reason is that customers are vague about insurance commitments, especially for new customers going abroad for the first time or first contacting products. Why only from 1USD that the company can protect visitors to “hair roots” so.

Just like customers really do not have faith in the affiliate network to deal with risks when customers have problems, without thinking of SOS international call to solve problems for customers that companies say Insurance provided. Leading to the coping mentality and “unwillingness” of travelers to countries that require compulsory international travel insurance to apply for a visa.

The bottom line, is the hassle of visa processing time. Because you want to get a visa, in addition to everything else, you have to wait for the time to buy and provide an international travel insurance card. But actually this problem is not too difficult to solve. Because most current insurance companies can offer you benefits in 3-4 business days.

Countries that do not require international travel insurance when applying for a visa, do travelers need to buy one?

The answer is up to you. Because for countries that do not require international travel insurance, this insurance package is voluntary for each traveler. You join the insurance from 1 USD per day, you will be paid for costs when illness, accident, theft, or even death in a foreign land.

If you do not buy insurance, you may not lose a penny for peaceful, healthy and happy trips with all the advantages. But if unexpected accidents occur, the amount of money you have to spend is up to a few dozen times, even a few hundred times and more.

The choice is yours, because no one knows if we’ll be safe tomorrow or not. Be confident to explore, confidently experience when there is solid backing behind you.

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