What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that pays individuals or families losses arising from trip incidents such as accidents, sickness, delayed trips, lost luggage, or loss. passport.

Travel insurance has two types: domestic travel insurance and international travel insurance.

Subjects covered by travel insurance can range from children 6 months and older to 85-year-old adults.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a trip insurance policy (the trip can last up to 180 days) or a yearly insurance contract (risk insurance arises during every trip within 12 months from insurance purchase date, suitable for people who often travel or work).

So what are the risks that may be encountered when traveling? Simply, in a place where the country is home, a completely unfamiliar environment can be encountered:
– Sick (disease) due to weather changes, climate change
– Food poisoning (due to eating food without taste)
– Roads that are unfamiliar with traffic, are hit by traffic vehicles causing accidents
– Travel to explore in remote places, unfortunately getting sick, but the medical facility is not nearby.
– Baggage, personal papers such as passports, even though they are hugged on people, but they meet with dishonesty and robbery.
– The kids play and break the glass door of the shop that the family is shopping for, etc. and so on, etc.

So why buy insurance?

Simply, if you encounter the above risks that you pay for yourself or take care of yourself, don’t buy. If you feel you have to pay a small amount for a bad incident to have a place to ask for help, you should buy insurance.

In emergency situations, please call the Hotline number listed on the card or insurance certificate for immediate assistance by the International Emergency Organization (ISOS). Emergency transportation and repatriation will be undertaken by ISOS.

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